I'm a CFES certified personal trainer and FRC Mobility Specialist. My philosophy is to find a balance between both strengthening and softening the body. Together, we build strength through incorporating calisthenics, weight training, and power lifting into programs. Then, we work on softening the muscles and increasing mobility through soft tissue work, yoga, dynamic stretching, and mobility drills to create a well-balanced body that feels amazing.


You can find me training at The Bar Strength and Conditioning in Vancouver.  The gym is a great place for learning for all levels. Check out www.thebarvancouver.com to see more of this awesome gym! 


work with me

Thinking about starting fitness coaching? Schedule a 15 minute clarity call to decide if working together is the right fit for you. 

  • Let's chat about your current fitness goals and how to get you there.

  • Have a clear idea of how fitness coaching works and what a program will look like for you.

  • Feel confident and motivated to reach your goals thanks to having the knowledge and support to back you.

Email me today to set up a time to chat about your unique fitness goals: lkedrosky@gmail.com  


Leanne coaches: 

  • Mobility Programs (FRC)

  • Calisthenics (bodyweight exercise)

  • Power lifting

  • Weight / strength training

  • Weight loss

  • Nutrition (certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

I'm always happy to chat with new clients about their health and fitness goals and define a program suited to you. Contact me for an assessment or to discuss if working together is right for you.