I'm a CFES certified personal trainer, FRC Mobility Specialist, and Kinstretch Instructor. My philosophy is to find a balance between both strengthening and softening the body. Together, we build strength through incorporating calisthenics, weight training, and powerlifting into programs. Then, we work on softening the muscles and increasing mobility through soft tissue work and mobility drills to create a well-balanced body that feels amazing.


where to find me

Vancouver: The Bar Strength & Conditioning - 8410 Fraser Street

Surrey: Iron Throne - 7823 132 Street #4

Email me today to set up a time to chat about your unique fitness goals: lkedrosky@gmail.com  


what i coach:

  • Mobility Programs (FRC + Kinstretch)

  • Calisthenics (bodyweight exercise)

  • Powerlifting

  • Weight / strength training

  • Weight loss

  • Nutrition (certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

I'm always happy to chat with new clients about their health and fitness goals and define a program suited to you. Contact me for an assessment or to discuss working together. 

"I have been training with Leanne since November 2016 and absolutely love it. She is always very encouraging and has a vast knowledge of her profession. I would recommend Leanne in a heartbeat, not only because she helps you reach your fitness goals but also because of her nutritional knowledge that can help you change eating habits and feel better all around." - Kristen, 29


"I hired Leanne as personal trainer at The Bar to overcome a plateau in calisthenics. She is an amazing calisthenics coach full of passion and knowledge. Thanks to Leanne and her care to details now I am able to do back lever, close to muscle up, dragon flag, pull over, and more! She really knows the small details that make a big difference in calisthenics. With her, anything is possible! I would recommend her to anyone." - Gianni, 30


"I have been working out with Leanne since October 2016, and have had thoroughly enjoyed her approach and support with my fitness goals.  She is truly dedicated and passionate about her job and takes a personal approach to each and every one of her clients.  I would definitely recommend Leanne as a personal trainer. " - Stacey, 42


"I had my strength and mobility assessment with Leanne at The Bar Strength & Conditioning in Vancouver, which was very insightful. I have been weight training/exercising for over 10 years now and am pretty aware of my body and how to execute a lift with proper form...or so I thought. During some of the exercises Leanne had me do to assess my strength, she pointed out minor adjustments I could make to my form to better align myself and perform the exercise optimally. They were easy to fix once she made me aware of them but I would not have been able to catch my errors without her help. One of my training goals at the moment is to be able to perform a pistol squat and Leanne showed me a simple progression I could practice to achieve my goal which I would not have thought to do myself. She is a knowledgable trainer and communicates/instructs very well and I would recommend her to anyone regardless of your fitness or training experience!" - Peter, 28


"I just got a full assessment by Leanne. She was thorough and really knows her stuff. The subtle tweaks in form and body cues she gave me have already improved a few things. It's a good looking gym, built for getting strong." - Cory, 36