5-Day Whole Foods Challenge


Beat bloat, gain energy and feel better about your body in this powerful 5-day whole foods challenge - healthy recipes and clean eating tips included! 



The idea for this challenge is simple: nix the processed foods that cause bloat and fatigue and feel energized and have a flatter stomach in just 5 days. 


This challenge is for you if: 

  • You want to learn some new, healthy recipes that also taste great. 
  • You feel tired throughout the day and are ready to fix that.  
  • You want a simple process laid out for you to feel better everyday. 
  • You want to feel more confident in your food choices. 
  • You want to take a step forward towards your dream body. 



What are Whole Foods? 

Whole foods are simply foods that are still in their natural state. This means fruits and vegetables, high quality proteins, and whole grains. As a note, whole grain bread is not actually a whole grain as it has been processes and has sugars and other unhealthy additives. Whole grains include quinoa or rice, as they are still in their WHOLE form (they still look like a grain). 


Why Eat Whole Foods? 

Whole foods give your body the nutrients it needs to feel energized throughout the day. The program eliminates common toxins and allergens that cause belly bloat and fatigue. Whole foods also control blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, lower acidity in the body, and much more. Basically, whole foods make you feel MORE ALIVE! So, lets try it out for 5 days, what have you got to lose besides a few pounds and your inhibitions? 


What you get in this challenge: 

  • 5 days of delicious whole food meal plans, including recipes and shopping list. 
  • One email a day giving you the inspiration and information you need to be successful after the challenge:  
    • Day 1 tip: How chewing affects your digestion 
    • Day 2 tip: How to reduce bloat 
    • Day 3 tip: How to get more nutrients
    • Day 4 tip: How to eat well on a budget 
    • Day 5 tip: How to shop clean 
  • Access to my private challenge Facebook group to ask questions and see what other people in the challenge are doing! 
  • Full support from me along the way - ask all your questions! 



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