Fascial Stretch Therapy


what is fascial stretch therapy (FST)?

FST is assisted stretching done on a massage table to help improve mobility and reduce paining stiffness in the body. FST is different from simply stretching as the therapist uses traction to get deep into the joint, connective tissue, and muscles all at the same time. The result is a much more relaxing and rejuvenating experience that improves flexibility in a pain free way.

what is fascia?

Fascia is fibrous connective tissue that wraps around muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, nerves, and pretty much everything in the body. When the fascia in restricted, the whole body notices and becomes tight, which causes pain, headaches, loss of range of motion, reduced energy levels and more. As the creator of FST, Ann Frederick, says “Set it free with FST!”

benefits of fst

  • Improve mobility with a pain free therapy

  • Relax the body and relieve tension

  • Reduce post workout soreness

  • Improve sport performance

  • Increase balance and symmetry in the body

  • Improve sleep

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