How to make health goals last

It is the small, manageable changes, made daily, that add up to BIG transformation stories. As a certified Holistic Health Coach, I see a lot of people reach their goals and feel amazing! But I also see people endure hardships along the way. The following is what I have learned while coaching people to find their optimal health. 

Here is the story I often hear: Someone picks a goal and starts working towards it, which is great! They try to race there, having a vision of where they want to end up. But they are so set on the end goal that they miss so much of the journey, and therefore a lot of important steps. 

Health isn't a clear, direct path. There are side streets you need to wander down, spots where you need to slow down to take a closer look at what is around you.

Here is the fact: Most of the time when someone fails to stick with a health goal, it is because they are trying to make huge changes over night, This is not sustainable! The way to create lasting change is to make small changes, gradually over time, until they add up to the big change.

Below are some steps to reaching your health goals and having them stick! 


Have a vision

Everyone needs a vision of what they want to accomplish. Your vision should excite you! If you say, “I want to lose 20lbs,” that often isn't soul stirring enough to stick in the long term. Just thinking about your vision needs to light you up inside - that’s when it is strong enough to carry you through the hardships (because inevitably, there will be tough times).    


Take a small, manageable step, daily

Now that you have your vision, break down what you need to do to get there. Remember, health isn’t all-or-nothing. Choose realistic steps to take for a week or two, and then add more in slowly. For example, commit to drinking plenty of quality water in the first week. During the second week add in a green smoothie each morning. Spend 10 minutes a day mediating over the third week. For the fourth week get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. You can see if someone tried to do all those things immediately, they would have a hard time getting it all done. A few of the goals would suffer and the person would get frustrated, feel like they aren't doing good enough, and quit. However, by adding each in gradually, they can get used to incorporating the new wellness routine into their lives and be successful. 


Love the process

Creating lasting change means not just loving your vision, but also loving the process. If a guitar player loved the idea of being on stage but didn't love to practice playing music, they will never become a famous rockstar. It is the day-in and day-out grind that makes a rockstar good at what they do. 


Health is the same way. Taking care and pride in the everyday things you do for your body is what will get you to your vision. The journey is never over, and that is part of the thrill!