Top 5 Ways to Feel Motivated to Reach Your Health Goals

We’ve all been there. You have the best intentions and are super inspired to eat clean and get your butt to the gym. You can picture yourself walking in the gym doors, sweating like crazy, and going home to a clean meal. Pounds, you are about to be gone! 


But then what happens? A hard day at work, a too early morning alarm, or a too busy day has you back sitting on the coach. The those ‘best intentions’ you felt so strongly just the night before suddenly turn into pizza, Netflix, and “I’ll start tomorrow.” It can be an endless cycle. And one that most of us, including myself, have been stuck in at some point. 


So how do you stay motivated past the moment of “good intentions” and really stick with your health goals? These are my top 5 tips that have worked wonders for me and my clients to get motivated on a daily basis: 


1. Know your WHY. Why do you want to improve your health? This should be a reason that is stronger than “I want to lose weight.” Connect a deeper feeling to it. For example, “I want to feel boundless energy” or “I want to feel strong enough to run up a mountain.” Anytime you are questioning hitting the gym, go back to your why and remind yourself that going today will take you a step closer to feeling that way. 


2. Put out your workout gear. A study was done that showed when people lay out their workout gear the night before, they are significantly more likely to go the next day. Set yourself up for success! 


3. Give yourself a reward. Reward yourself for treating yourself well. After the gym, sip on your favourite smoothie. Take a bath with lavender essential oil. Watch an episode of your favourite show. Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, claims that rewarding yourself after a workout creates a neural-pathway in the brain, that will eventually train the brain to recognize the workout itself as a reward. This takes time, but you have to start somewhere! 


4. Create a vision board. I have a vision board in my room. This is a collage of pictures you find inspirational. You will see it everyday and it will help keep you motivated. My vision board has photos of people I find inspiring, yoga poses I want to accomplish, motivational quotes, among other pictures I connect with. Make it beautiful and make sure it gets excited when you look at it!


5. Practice Mental Contrasting. Let's be honest, we will all have a day when we just aren't feeling inspired to go to the gym. Have plan for what you are going to do when that feeling happens, so you are never caught off guard. For example, if you know you are less likely to go to the gym if you stop at home after work, make sure you are prepared to go immediately following work. What is most often your biggest obstacle? Brainstorm 5-10 ways you could avoid that being a problem.  


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