Let's get to know each other...


I have been on a journey. It has been a road towards self-development, becoming my healthiest self, and proactively finding MY kind of happy - it is the combination of these things that has created the most vibrant me I have been to date. But that journey is never over; that’s part of the thrill.

I am a CFES certified Personal Trainer, FRC Mobility Specialist, and certified Holistic Health Coach. My passion is to help people navigate the stressors and hurdles of everyday life to become the most confident, energetic, and happiest they can be. Whatever your health goals, I’ve got your back. Let’s find what makes YOU happy. 

Everyone has a soul stirring vision for themselves, the vision that lights you up inside because you know how amazing it will feel to reach it. I want to help you create the pathway to get there.

How did I start creating my own vision for what I wanted in myself? It came with a few hardships along the way - as all success stories do. I’ll give you the cliff notes so we can understand each other. 

Let's go back a few years, to a me that was totally burnt out. I didn’t know how to make me happy and was recognizing that it wasn’t up to the outside world to make me happy; its up to me to make me happy. My mom had just passed away of cancer and I was devastated. The grief was reaching into every part of my soul and my body was feeling the stress. I was in a fast paced job that was unfulfilling and I wasn't taking care of my body. I had been active previously, but the stress I was going through caused me to sit on the couch everyday and ruminate on EVERYTHING that was wrong instead of giving my body what it needed to feel better. I was eating like shit, not exercising properly, and practicing a negative mindset.

One day the overload of stress on my system caught up to me and I ended upon the hospital. I had created a perfect storm scenario with all the outside stressors combined with how I was treating myself. It sucked. My body hurt. I was depressed. That rock bottom feeling was what I needed to create a drastic change. Suddenly every cell in my being was screaming that I needed to make a BIG change, and do it now, or I would not have a very happy life. 

So I hired coaches of all kinds. I worked with a naturopath, health coaches, and hired a personal trainer. I learned about gut health and how food affects both body and mind (did you know 95% of serotonin is made in your gut?). 

I found a home at The Bar Strength & Conditioning, where I learned how to lift with confidence and where I now coach.  And that’s how the passion was born. These critical practices for my body and mind put me is a state of pure vibrance and health. I feel amazing! And I want to help you feel amazing too.

I work to help people find happiness in their everyday lives by making manageable lifestyle and mindset changes, one baby step at a time. Feel your best through moving your body, eating whole foods, and practicing self-care.